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We talk - a short telephone conversation to determine if your business growth frustrations and what we do are a good fit.

If we have a mutual desire to meet then you can attend a Master Class or we can set up a private meeting. You'll have some prep. It will include the Business and Sales Survey to assist us in focusing our discussion when we meet. 


At Sandler, we don't hold with an aggressive approach to force clients to fit our model. Instead, we will meet for ninety minutes to two hours to determine if your business management, leadership, customer service or sales struggles are important enough to take action upon; and whether we at Sandler Training are the right company to assist you in solving these challenges. This is a mutual evaluation and selection process - for both of us.


When we mutually agree there is a “good fit”, we most often begin with an deep assessment of skills, strengths and hidden weaknesses of your management & leadership team, sales team and/or customer service team and analyse your current sales process and gaps. Undertaking these assessments is not a commitment to work long term together.

Three independent behavioural assessment tools are used to understand the company, the team and individuals’ strengths, competencies, areas of development, motivations, communication and decision making styles.

We'll identify your Campers, Climbers and Quitters. Then we can develop competency based personalised training and development plans for the committed and trainable members of your team which will assist intrinsically motivated people in becoming more successful. It's possible we advise it's not worth the inmvestment for some people, if they arent open to learning or aren't a good fit for the role they are in. 


Training or coaching initiatives fail without your full-on support. So you'll need to be involved and learn the Sandler Selling and Management System. Your managers must not only participate in specific segments; they must also agree to reinforce the fundamental concepts during their reviews and meetings with staff, clients and prospective hires. This secures results for your bottom line. 


Real behavioural change will not occur during a one or two day workshop. So this isn't a quick fix. Changing habits and thought patterns about prospecting, closing, pricing and sales management is not a one-time event.

At Sandler Training, our success is our long term approach to creating individual and corporate behavioural change through interactive adult learning sessions, coaching, clear accounatabilities, listening to audio reinforcement, reading supportive workbooks  and using our Sandler On Line resources.

While we constantly introduce fresh concepts for salespeople or consultants, fundamental strategies are always reinforced to insure genuine change in technique, activity and attitudes for selling strategies and tactics.

We have been recognised to have effective and leading edge Strategic Management Programmes, Strategic Customer Care Programmes, Enteprise Selling, Sandler Sales Development Programmes, Selling for Non Sales Professionals Programme and 12 Weeks to Victory Programme. Depending on your business challenges and future goals, one or a combination of these programs may be appropriate for you.


Goal setting is only as effective as the habits and activities generated to support the committed goals. Our competency-based approach to training takes your salespeople and your managers through practice, application, accountability  and finally, ownership of the skills and attitudes to truly master the sales profession.

Continuous tracking of behaviours and performance is critical to the overall success of the programme. Tracking specific activities reinforces goal commitments, confirms progress and establishes benchmarks for the future.


We focus on the attitudes, behaviours and techniques that make winners, create a consistent, effective sales methodology in your organisation and your industry - which will separate you from your competitors.

Everyone learns at a different pace. Top performers, managers and executives usually learn at a faster pace and request advanced support quickly. Low performers (with potential) require more basic reinforcement and time to absorb concepts. Since top performers and managers learn faster, expect to see improvements with your top performers before you see improvements with your bottom performers. It’s unlikely that your bottom performers will ever entirely ‘catch up’ to your top performers.


Sales improvement must be measured in growth of sales, profitability, client retention and productivity. While most clients initially look for top line growth, there is more than one key metric to “good selling”. Length of sales cycle & improved pipeline management should also be closely monitored.


No two people or companies change at the same pace. We'll hgold Quarterly Meetings to evaluate how the mutually developed solutions are working to move you and your company closer to your new vision for sales. At Sandler Training, we are committed to working with motivated people and companies to achieve their goals and these sessions allow us to identify any “fine tuning” or “course corrections” are necessary to gradually achieve success.

Most sales and management training doesn't work. We get results because our approach is results-based from the outset.

We work with our clients to first set realistic expectations based on where we are starting and what we believe it will take to achieve your goals. Then we work closely with your senior management and the hands-on sales managers to develop and implement an integrated programme that is measured, tracked and focused on bottom-line performance improvement.

If there's not a good fit, if staff are not trainable or if training and development is not likely to fix the problem, we find that out early, shake hands, and part friends.

When there is a fit, and when the client is truly committed to do what it takes to take their sales team to the highest level, the results can be dramatic.

Those results are often:

  • 5-20 times return on investment
  • A hiring process that dramatically raises the odds of hiring loyal A-Players who have a quick impact on the company's sales performance.
  • Re-deployment of salespeople who can't or won't do what it takes to be successful.
  • Sales managers, who can truly lead, develop and keep a team of loyal, top-performing A-Players.
  • Salespeople who control the sales process, take responsibility for their results and find ways to consistently exceed their targets.
  • A solid, uniform, company-wide sales methodology and a winning sales culture.
  • Bottom line sales results that most often represent a quick and highly leveraged return on the initial investment.
  • A robust business with middle managers who can buy out returing owners, or can be readied for sale. 

The Constant Business Improvement Process is not for everybody.

We at Sandler Training work with serious business people committed to achieving growth and prosperity through a proven long term, reinforcement based behavioural, attitudinal and skill improvement process.

If you are serious about growth, or have problems, challenges or ambitious goals in the area of sales or sales management that you believe may be important enough to do something about now, we would be happy to compare notes and see if we can be a resource for you. No pressure. Just a mutual discovery meeting where we agree there's a fit, or that there isn't. 

Contact Ermine Amies or call 01485 525220 for that initial discussion.