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Because not everyone is should work together …There is no such thing as a “good fit” for everyone
And Sandler is definitely NOT for everyone.
We know our strengths and know our weaknesses. And we also know what sort of client is a “good fit” and what a “bad fit” client looks like.
We’ve made a list of 7 types of organisations we feel we don’t bring value to,,,

If you manage data such as email address lists, HR info, client contact  data and have CRM, you need to get ready for the Data Protection legislation changes. It applies to you if you have a company anywhere in the world that processes, stores and uses any info on EU citizens. It will apply to data on UK and EU citizens post Brexit. The enforcement penalties for data protection breaches have increased and could be up 4% of your turnover. It's simple to follow the ICO checklists - so don't wait, start now. 


Forrester's recent research for Hootsuite reports that 98% of B2B say social selling will be dominant sales channel of the future.

Social selling is NOT social media marketing, content management and/or pay per click. It is the art of using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MeetUp and other social networks where your potential future clients hang out to find, connect with, understand, and nurture sales prospects. What are you waiting for? 



Are you or your sales team tired of...

• Feeling frustrated because you can’t make headway on company goals?
• Dealing with prospects who want free consulting and quotes, and then give the business to someone else?
• Making presentations to people who can’t or won’t make decisions?
• Poor results from cold calls, networking, trade shows and exhibitions?
• Looking for new ways to find prospects that doesn’t require cold calls?
• Unrealistic or inconsistent sales forecasts and results?

Is your sales process that is easy to manage, and measure? One that eliminates the rollercoaster of sales? That allows you to forecast business reliably?
If not, you might be ready for our Sales System

As over a million sales and sales management professionals will tell you, Sandler Training not only provides a path to SalesMastery for you and your team, but also a path of continuous improvement that will teach them not only how to sell, but how to succeed personally and professionally.

Learn the proven best practices and in-depth sales, management and coaching lessons from Sandler Training

Worried that you aren't prospecting enough? How to get enough time for prospecting? Here's how you can budget for it, plan for it, keep yourself accountable and amend as necessary. It's an investment in your success.

Ten questions to ask yourself - when is it NOT worth investing in sales training? 

Hired Experienced Sales People and It Didn’t Work Out? Most owners want to hire “experienced” sales people. They don’t want to sell themselves. So they decide to hire a person or a team to sell for them. Do you want to hire someone, teach them about your products and services, then expect them to successfully “go sell”? You’ve hired sales people with a good track record. Once they’ve learnt your product or service, they’ll should be good to go, right? Nope. The truth is that one sales person’s experience in a company or industry often does not transfer to another organisation or sector. 

Don't know where to get started with sales training? That’s not surprising. Great teaching and consistent implementation get results. The issue where to getting started” with so many books, blogs, podcasts and consultants has been a huge stumbling block for many companies—from the biggest brands to the smallest family owned business. Generally speaking, when a company wants to start sales training, there are many questions that need to be answered, here are some of them.


You just received an email from the hotel chain where you stayed last night. Along with offering its gratitude, the hotel is seeking your feedback through a survey – offered in the interest of continuous improvement. You're asked to provide satisfaction ratings for some very important categories the hotel has chosen. Listed are food quality, staff friendliness, Wi-Fi dependability, room cleanliness, durability of shower cap, and other aspects of your stay that you're supposed to rate from one to ten.