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effective use of questions, reversing, tone & b ody language

Whether you love or hate trade shows and exhibitions, here are 6 ways to succeed, and some useful research from Display Wizard.

Accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers and surveyors study for years, take exams and work hard to stay at the cutting edge of their specialist area.   But they aren't taught how to sell stuff…….here are 5 reasons why professionals fail to sell.

You don’t know where to get started with sales training? 

Understandable. Sales training is such a big area, that’s not surprising. Great teaching and consistent implementation get results—always has, always will.
But the issue of “getting started” with so many books, blogs, podcasts and consultants has been a huge stumbling block for many companies—from the biggest brands to the smallest family owned business.

Because not everyone is should work together …There is no such thing as a “good fit” for everyone
And Sandler is definitely NOT for everyone.
We know our strengths and know our weaknesses. And we also know what sort of client is a “good fit” and what a “bad fit” client looks like.
We’ve made a list of 7 types of organisations we feel we don’t bring value to,,,

We hire salespeople who claim good past results and appear professional and competent at interview and then they fail to hit agreed targets. Why is that?

If you manage data such as email address lists, HR info, client contact  data and have CRM, you need to get ready for the Data Protection legislation changes. It applies to you if you have a company anywhere in the world that processes, stores and uses any info on EU citizens. It will apply to data on UK and EU citizens post Brexit. The enforcement penalties for data protection breaches have increased and could be up 4% of your turnover. It's simple to follow the ICO checklists - so don't wait, start now.